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Whole-Plant Project

With high-quality equipment, perfect service, and strong turn-key service capabilities, We helps customers achieve a high-efficiency operation of equipment and technical innovation and upgrade to join hands with customers for a win-win situation.
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After-Sales Support

With the expansion of the global market, Newamstar will, relying on six domestic and overseas service centers, provide technical support and after-sales services to customers all over the world to protect the development of customers’ business.
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Spare Parts

Taking full consideration of customers’ actual situation and needs, Newamstar will ensure the stable operation of their equipment according to the operation of the customers’ factory and provide spare parts support for them in time.
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Repair and Maintenance Program

Attaching importance to product safety and standardizing the maintenance of equipment maintain a good operating condition of the equipment and avoid unnecessary risks. Based on different site conditions and methods, Newamstar provides customized maintenance programs for customers and implement preventive maintenance measures on a regular basis to optimize costs and maintain the sustainable and stable operation of equipment.

Diagnostic Report

Newamstar’s service engineers participate in the processes of customer’s production and equipment maintenance in stages, carefully study the operation quality and problems of the customer equipment, evaluate the equipment objectively and neutrally, and provide reasonable and detailed analysis reports and optimization suggestions.


Newamstar’s service engineers provide technical consultation and on-site troubleshooting for customers around the clock. For difficult issues, we will organize experts to diagnose the cause of the malfunction. Global remote services can be achieved through remote operation and maintenance systems. We will quickly respond to each of your service needs and handle them in a timely manner.

Spare Parts Management Package

For each customer’s equipment model, three-level spare parts inventory management is implemented based on the versatility of spare parts, the difference in customization, and the impact of component problems on equipment operation: factory inventory of common parts, customer inventory of custom parts, and supplier inventory of important parts. Through predictive inventory preparation, we can proactively prepare spare parts for maintenance and repair of equipment to minimize unplanned downtime. Newamstar will be dedicated to helping each customer make a reasonable inventory plan for spare parts.

Remote Maintenance

Through the cooperation between equipment technology, sensing technology, software and real-time communication technology, the integrated management of equipment is formed between the user’s factory and Newamstar to the equipment.

Measures for Customers’ Benefits:
Obtain conclusive equipment operating data from all relevant links

Analyze the running quality of equipment according to big data

Take preventive interventions in time according to the abnormal situation of remote monitoring equipment

Training System

Newamstar is committed to providing its customers with a comprehensive technical training program for their personnel. Through training, operators’ correct performance can be guaranteed, maintenance quality can be improved, and operators’ ability to handle failures can be enhanced to minimize the downtime and improve the working efficiency of equipment.

Our training includes multiple functional courses such as functional structure principles, process procedures, commissioning, repair and maintenance. We provide a variety of training methods such as networking, on-site and off-site training modes, and tailor training programs based on-site staff needs, skills, and their specific requirements.


Operation Monitoring Module is responsible for real-time monitoring of the entire line of data, and of the status of each single equipment. Through the monitoring screen, users can learn about some important parameters of each equipment: production speed, production quantity, operating status, production parameters, and loss of some equipment. Users can also view the real-time alarm of the equipment so that they can quickly grasp the operation of stand-alone equipment and conduct centralized management and reasonable allocation of resources.

Energy Management Module comprehensively collects energy consumption data (electricity, water, air, etc.) of the production line, so that the energy consumption of the entire plant will not be overlooked, providing a strong basis for refined management through a visual figure.

Intelligent Maintenance Module reminds the customer of the number of parts to be maintained in each single equipment by setting the pre-maintenance reminder cycle, so that the enterprise can prepare the inventory of the spare parts in advance. Operators will be reminded that the equipment needs to be maintained so that to maximize the life cycle of the equipment and save unnecessary waste for users.

Administrators can remotely access reports and data directly from the system through the browser of a computer or mobile phone to stay informed factory conditions.

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